Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Image result for having hopeHope in my opinion, is having the expected feeling and desire that something will happen. It is something that you expect and have high possibilities it can and will come true. There is often hope for dreams to come true, and goals to be made. Hope comes from positivity. There is no way you can have good hope about something and think negative about it. Having a practice of hope can be restored by expecting something to come true and having no doubt. Having the willpower to get something done or knowing that you worked hard for something can also giving you even more hope that what you want will come true. When i was about 8 years old i had sat out a year from sports because i had an injury during track season. I had shin splints. I was very young so of course, i kept running on my leg and did not telling anyone because i just figured that my legs were just sore. As day by day kept going on, i found myself not being able to run without limping. Eventually i could not run at all without it being very slow and painful. My parents made the decision to just stop me from running until my leg completely healed. When i came back, i kind of struggled to get back on track. Eventually i was getting better and better. I knew that i was very fast. I understood that i was most likely going to win most of my races, and i felt that way in the most humblest way possible. I started to run with a relay team. They selected 4 of one of fastest girls in the 11-12 division. I was one of them. We went on to run in the Junior Olympics held in Detroit. For the first time in my life i won a national gold medal. It made me proud that i kept working on what i could have quit on. I was nevertheless surprised at this accomplishment because i realized i had a natural talent. There was no doubt in my mind that it was possible, and for first time i seen having hope pay off.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Image result for The Ones Who Walk Away From OmelasIn the article The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas the society is described as trees and gardens everywhere. It seems like the town that it takes place in is very quiet. The story talked about kids playing and riding their horses. Because the town was described as such a happy town, with no crime and mostly positivity, and barely any negativity, i feel like the child in the closet represented unfamiliar precautions because it was hard to be happy when nothing ever happened. Joy was very hard to be found as it was displayed in the story. There was no problems to be solved, or anything to overcome. So because of that, they had a hard time finding joy in anything. There was very little hardships in their society. They did not have a sense of problem solving, because there was no problems. The town in my opinion, seemed very boring. No intellectual fun or cheerfulness. Nothing seemed to really happen. The rules and laws of their society was not known. They did not use any swords or have any slaves. The people in this town were not considered normal people. Although the used no swords, the embraced violence. The children were very intelligent and mature. This town was so strange and irregular that the train station in the Omelas is actually the most spectacular building site in the town but it is still plainer than a farmers market. Their laughters came off of “drooz” but to them their joy was still not enough.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Image result for injustice in americaI think it is very important to take initiative in valuing the equality in social justice. I think so because there is a lot of acts of injustice in america today. This can result to racism, stereotypes, and even wrongly convicted felonies. These are all issues that reflect back on injustice. We have cases such as Trayvon Martin, which some feel is not fair. We live in a society of injustice which is why i feel like it is important to acknowledge it. This is an everyday occurrence. In my opinion, i think the biggest social injustice problem today, is racism. I feel like this subject is sometimes strongly ignored. In a ted talk by Nate Silver he talks about whether or not racism has an effect on voting in the United States. He asked a question “In deciding your vote for president today, was the race of the candidates a factor?” In many cases, people’s first reaction might be to say no. In reality if you think about statistics, we had our first black president in 2008. Why was this? DId it matter what race the candidate was? We often do not realize that most of today’s stereotypes are of color. And because of this we have developed labels. Did Americans feel that only a certain particular race or skin color can get the job done? The same questions raise eyebrows on why we haven’t accomplished our very first female president of the United States. It is  like we don’t believe in the power of women to accomplish the same as men. This is important to acknowledge as women because there is still injustices today.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Chosen Ted talk on happiness

Image result for gratefulnessDavid Steindl-Rast in the ted talk, Want to be happy? Be grateful claims that to be happy is caused by being grateful. Steindl-Rast supports his suggestion by saying if we focus on what we have instead of what we want, we will be generally accepting. When you worry about what you do not have you become lust in being sad. He says “We do not have to only have greatful experiences, but we can be people who live gratefully.” In other words gratefulness does not have to only come when we are given something, but we can learn to live everyday being thankful and grateful for what we do have.Think of every moment as a given moment. When you are happy with what has been given, you are happy with yourself. Steindl-Rast talks about how we should not be grateful for things like violence, war, exploitation, etc but we can be grateful in every given moment. That things are not worse as it could have been. Be grateful for the opportunity that is given to enjoy he talks about. Think of things as it is your opportunity to make the best of the situation as to truly be consistently happy.

The ted talk explains how us humans miss the opportunity of being grateful because we rush through life instead of slowing down to be thankful of what you have. His morals are basically to be happy starts with being grateful and until then you will struggle with being happy because you will always want more and focus on the things you do not have.

Dan Gilberts Ted Talk

Image result for true happinessIn the Ted talk “The surprising science of happiness” by Gilbert talks about happiness and explains what it takes to get to that point. He interprets that us humans have to learn to accept things that we cannot change. To me, this provides acceptance, and a sense of abundance to not worry about things that we can't control. I do not necessarily agree with the fact that by depending on others happiness and what makes others happy, is what can internally dictate your happiness. In my opinion, you will still not be truly happy. Looking for things other than your happiness might fulfill that “others” happiness rather than yours. I believe that doing things that makes you happy, that deliberately makes you smile can natural determine your state of happy positivity. In his understanding, this does not mean to only think about yourself, and start to build a selfish wall. Care for others happiness, want the best for others happiness, but just do not rely on it. In the ted talk Gilbert also talks about synthetic happiness. Synthetic happiness is personal psychological happiness. Throughout the ted talk Gilbert speaks about how we can create our own happiness. He describes it as a “mental immune system” and how we control it. If we think positive, we will more than likely feel positive, and vise versa. Overall with the ted talk i agree and disagree with it in different areas as stated above. The message is indeed common that we and no one else makes up our own happiness.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Image result for true happinessHappiness in my opinion comes from within. Not a smile or a laugh, or even a picture can determine it. I also think that you have to first love yourself to be happy. Without self love, you will look at things positive for a very short amount of time. You might begin to love others before yourself, but at the end of the day still not be truly happy. Happiness can take years to get to. It takes a strong overpowering mind to fortay happiness. It is not up to anyone else for one's happiness. When you have accepted that you are sad, or mad that is when happiness has left the building. How important is happiness? Happiness is one of the keys to true love, to success, and self esteem. You have to be happy with yourself, flaws and all, before you accept anyone to be happy for you. If you live life unhappy, you will begin to hit a breaking point where you feel nothing matters, hopelessness, rather than drive and determination. You cannot love someone to your fullest potential, without comfortably loving yourself. When you have made happiness your focal point, living to impress others will no longer be your concern. Making yourself proud will be a great feeling knowing that you're genuinely happy with who you are becoming/can become. No other opinion can make you alter your happiness or come in the way of the self love you have for yourself. Your goals will become reachable, your mind will become clearer, and the things you have stressed about start to be less of a worry. This is my feeling of happiness.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Stereotypes can make someone feel less than what they are. They have come along way in the world. They are usually performed more on different races. Stereotypes to me, are misrepresentations, and are not technically true in reality. Anyone can have blue eyes, anyone can fry fried chicken, and anyone can have a thickness in hair. Those do not determine your authentic race. Many people although on an everyday basis, can stereotypes unwillingly. This is kind of how the world is just to be shaped. Not all white people are racist, and not all black people fight and carry guns. Stereotypes is something that can start young. From kids listening to older influences, and being influenced at an early age, can guide them to have perceptions of other races and kids whom do not look exactly the same as them. Babies are not born to be a symbol of hatred. It is a process that is learned and copied by someone who they are watching usually parents and guardians. They do not see black and white, nor asian or caucasian. They see and sense to distance themselves or look differently at those from other people they see doing it.